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Leo Backup Manager: A Perfect Solution For Business Backup

Today almost any business deals with computer data processing and this is one of the weakest links in the whole corporative infrastructure. Business information is now the most expensive resource when numerous threads being shared in the environment that lacks proper security. You can resist most of these threads, implementing business backup data copying. This measure will protect you from loosing valuable data or breaking its safety and integrity. There are a lot of solutions for big and small business backup, and even a non-programmer can manage with this task, having a handy backup manager.

Business Backup

If you would like to get maximally flexible and efficient data backup system for minimum money, Leo Backup is the best choice for your business information security. This business backup software features all required services, including automatic backup copying, service mode, COM and ActiveDirectory interface support and a wide range of security measures for protecting your corporative backup storage. The list of features is different for two program versions, Free Standard and Professional.

Leo Backup Standard can be used for free, and it is a perfect small business backup software. You can arrange a backup storage on your local server thanks to FTP support. The backup copies can be stored in encrypted by Blowfish technology, compressed in the standard ZIP mode. As a result, you will get compact, protected backup copies that can be easily restored whenever needed.

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Leo Professional business backup software features a wider functionality pack. Its benefits are COM support that helps a backup manager to integrate into your corporate environment, run in ASP, PHP, JavaScript and other languages. With SFTP support your business backup storage will become more secure, as the data transferred via this protocol is additionally encrypted. Active directory support enables efficient access to the backup resources for all types of corporate users.

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