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If you would like to have you system information fully protected, store its backup copies off the system, using offsite backup storage. There is a range of remote backup services ready to provide safe storage for your offsite backup copies, the data from your system is transferred there electronically. Even a system crash or viruses will not damage your data completely, if it is backed up in such a way. Usually companies backup data offsite once a day, after the working day is finished. However, the order should correspond to your specific needs.

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Having Leo Backup software you are able to perform offsite backup via FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL protocols. It is possible to store backup copies on local servers, transferring them via FTP. SFTP support, as well as FTP SSL/TLS helps to transfer backup copies in a safe mode, being protected from the interception of this important data. This is possible due to encryption of information before transferring. Such facilities make Leo Backup manager one of the safest offsite backup software tools. Besides local servers, Leo Backup offers storing backup copies online on remote Amazon S3 servers. Whatever happens to your hardware, a virtual copy of your backups will be always available for restoration.

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It is always useful to perform offsite backup, if you need to ensure high level data security in your system. Using it as a single or additional backup method helps avoid the risks associated with any kind of mechanic problems. While your hardware servers and computers may be crashed, the virtual offsite backup storage is resistant to any such fails.

Depending on the required level of data protection you can either use FTP or SFTP protocols. The first one is available in both versions of Leo Backup, Standard and Professional. SFTP support is provided only in Professional version of this offsite backup software utility.

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