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Backup to FTP

Transferring the data over FTP allows you to perform the online backup, the advanced method of the most secure data storing, taking into account its offsite (remote) location.

The same way as the protocol HTTP transfers the web pages from a server to a user's browser, and as SMTP transfers e-mails across the Internet, FTP allows you exchanging your data over the Internet. And there are numerous benefits.

Immaterial depository

Storing files remotely ensures a durable protection against the physical devastation: natural disasters, hardware failures, theft and lost. If you've transmitted your data on a virtual location, using the FTP backup option, your files remain intact whatever happens to your devices.

Accessibility to your data

You can access your data that you've backed up on FTP server from any computer over the world - just specify the credentials of your FTP connection and your backup sets. That's particularly useful if you travel a lot or operate with several machines.


Applying the credentials to your FTP location you're preventing your data from unauthorized visits.Together with it don't forget about the additional precaution as encryption. Then your remotely located files are kept safe.

Hmm. You see, we're talking about the safe file storing. But what about the file transfer? The more danger is not in the destination, but on the way.

Besides the elaborate FTP mechanism Leo Backup offers you the opportunity for the strictly safe file transferring: the secure protocols

You own offsite location

One more advantage of Leo Backup's FTP engine is that it not tied with some prescribed storage server. This strategy is commonly used in the majority of online backup products. But with Leo Backup you're free in your choice: you can select the host the most appropriate to your own requirements and set Leo Backup to transfer your data there over FTP.

Online backup with Leo Backup
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