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Network backup

A network backup maintains copies of your data outside of your computer and therefore saves them in case of computer failures, theft or disasters. You can manage your own network system for backups or choose an online storage - everything would be proper, considering the impact of opportunity losing irreplaceable data as family photos and documents, as well as time and money that you'll waste trying to recover it.

The network backup is necessary. Chances to keep your personal data are grand if you transfer it not only to an USB flash (you can loose it) or DVD (loose-scratch-burn-whatever). Certainly a network backup system is a worthwhile investment.

Not every backup solution offers a possibility to backup data over network, but it is not a problem for Leo Backup. Few clicks and you can set the Network backup to your Local Server. Usually a backup server contains a large data storage drive and has network access to exchange files with other home computers. We're talking about Network Attached Storage (NAS), a convenient engine of sharing files among multiple machines.

So even if your wife spills all the coffee-pot on your hard drive, your files will stay in peace there, on other computer. Just go there and take it, and then ask her gently for another cup.

Network Backup to a Remote Hosting Service.Several Internet sites offer remote data backup services. Instead of making copies of data within the local network as the method above, these online services copy files from your computer to their servers over the Internet and store subscribers' data in their protected facilities.

The danger that you can meet using the network backup is security. Out of your computer your files are exposed to outward menaces, so please be attentive to these points: secure protocols, encryption and password. SFTP and SSL protocols are indispensible for online connection since the main risk is that your data might be intercepted during the transferring. Encryption and password lets you be sure that your files remain inaccessible further.

The other problem you might meet choosing the online backup for your data is that you're never sure in this online location. The service providers serve hundred of computers, they use their own methods and the inner regulations of this server are under a veil of secrecy.The best way to set your secure online backup is to purchase your own online host and unite it with secure backup software.You know what happens on your own online location, you know how the secure options are set.

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