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Backup to NAS: a New Edge in Data Security

NAS technology is widely used in backup data copying in corporative network and big data centres. NAS stands for Network Access Storage, it is a dedicated server with an attached disk subsystem. Together they create reliable data storage, perfectly suitable for multiuser operation, easy to administer and range. Backup NAS server is reliably protected from various threads, it is easy to manage and configure, so NAS technology is suitable for any kind of systems. It works perfectly with Windows systems, providing access to NAS backup storage from any number of hosts. It helps to optimize data backing up, as one copy is enough to service several work stations. For interaction between NAS server and network computers an FTP or SFTP protocol is needed.

Backup to NAS

You can arrange data backup to NAS with the help of Leo Backup software. It supports FTP/SFTP technology and has all facilities for arranging effective backup system for all your data resources. If you are not experienced in system administration, you will be also capable of using Leo Backup as it is packed in a handy and easy-to-use interface. This is a backup software NAS technology is perfectly compatible with.

Leo Backup provides an ability to set login and password when trying to access to NAS via network. This provides secure access to NAS backup storage and eliminates unauthorized use of these valuable data resources. Stored in an encrypted way, backup copies are highly protected from malware. Moreover, with the help of compression it is possible to store massive backup copies in a compact memory space.

NAS Backup

Running a computer system implies lots of backup work to provide data safety for all work stations. With the help of Leo Backup manager you are able to create backup to NAS regularly by a schedule, in an automatic mode. Instead of rewriting the complete backup system image, you can supplement it with newly backed up changes due to incremental backup support.

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