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Leo Backup to backup your Outlook files

We use our e-mail application every day, more or less, and our life is concentrated somehow in our correspondence, whatever is there: mainly the business matters, but also our soul love letters, hotels reservation, e-tickets and simply friends' tweets. That would be pity to lose any of them, what do you think?

To make sure you won't lose it all in case of a hard disk crash or any other disaster, you should create backup copies of your mail files.

Personal Folders (.pst) files - that's where Outlook stores all your essential data. A PST file is a file Outlook uses to store mail, contacts, journal, notes and calendar folders. It also keeps some configuration settings like Views, Forms, AutoArchive settings, Rules and Alerts.

Actually you can protect your PST manually: find its location on your computer, select and copy them, choose a new safe place and paste them there. Well, yes, you'll have to do it every day. Or even several times per day, to be sure.

However an automatic Outlook backup is easier. Open Leo Backup and backup your PST by few clicks: just add .pst files in your backup set, apply the schedule options - and stay in peace. Leo Backup will not forget your needs and all your mail archive will be processed as you settled it.

Do you need Outlook Express backup? The procedure would be the same.


If you have some events in your Outlook calendar at your work computer and want to bring those same events home, for your home outlook - just connect to the destination location of your Outlook backup set. So! - Your calendar is not only protected, it's also accessible and manageable from all your computers.

Perform backup before and after making changes.

Together with your Outlook Personal Data or instead of it you can backup your other particular Outlook files - just note its extensions:

Type of File Name or Extension
Nicknames nick
Outlook Bar shortcuts av
Customized toolbar settings outcmd.dat
Customized system folder views views.dat
Signatures rtf, htm, txt
Stationary htm files
Templates outcmd.dat
Dictionary dic
Your Wizard rules rwz
RSS subscription names sharing.xml.obi
Your feed list for RSS xml.kfl files

Thanks to our Shadow Copy option you don't have to close Outlook before copying your files.

Find more details in Online User Guide and try Leo Backup.
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