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Leo Backup on 64-Bit Windows processor

Probably you know the terms "32-bit" and "64-bit" - they are related to a computer's processor (CPU) handling the information. Nowadays some users switch to 64-bit version of Windows and there is no wonder. Such mechanism allows computer to process much more complex data since 64-bit version can handle large amounts of memory, run smoothly several programs at the same time and switch them simply.

However lots of PC users prefer to stay on 32-bit version because of its not resource-intensive engine, and simply because it's just needless for its needs: basically 32-bit version has quite enough computing power for casual computer activity.

Given the growing number of solutions made for new 64-bit systems sometimes some inconvenience might take place: it is an incompatibility. The matter is that a program designed for the 64-bit version of Windows will not work on the 32-bit version of Windows.

Leo Backup, initially developed for the 32-bit version of Windows, runs flawlessly on the 64-bit one. Our software is perfectly compatible with both Windows versions; therefore Leo Backup will work perfectly on your computer, regardless of the system you're using.

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