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Backup Music and Photos with Leo Backup

Users prefer storing lots of photos and music on their computers, creating big media libraries for personal or professional use. Even if you are not a professional designer, your photo storage may contain numerous valuable pictures that remind you about interesting and pleasant events in your life. After a simple hard drive crash that happens rather regularly a user can lose all photo collections. To prevent this it is recommended to back up photos and store their backup copy safely on a portable drive or online. In case you have problems with you PC that led to data loss, you will be able to restore the collection of your images from a backup copy.

Photo backup

As for media content like photos or music, it is usually rather big in size. Even backing it up will create capacitive copies that are problematic to store locally. Leo Backup software backups photos and music in a compressed mode that significantly reduces the memory space required for backup storage. An average music or image library can be backed up on a few gigabytes flash drive. So photo backup becomes much more resource efficient.

If you need to create a backup storage available for several users, you can conveniently save it on a local server thanks to FTP/SFTP protocol support. You can backup music collection once, locate the copy on a server, in order to be able to restore the collection on any of your network's work stations. Music and photo backup copies can be protected from unwanted use by encryption that is also provided by Leo Backup.

When you backup music, this can take considerable time, depending on the collection size. It is possible to do a full backup once, and then supplement it with backup copies of newly added files. Leo Backup supports incremental backup, so there is no need to back up the whole media data storage every time you update it.

Back up your photos and music with ease and reliability to be sure your content will be secured regardless of potential system flaws.

Music Backup
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