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Using Backup Manager for Securing Your System

Data backup implies copying it to database in a code form in order to be able to restore this data, if it is lost or damaged in the system. There are many possible threats that compromise data safety, so it is always reasonable to have a backup copy of important files, configurations or the entire system. For efficient data backup you will need a back up manager, a special utility that helps automate data backup copying, perform regular backup copies updating and protect them from unwanted use or loss.

Backup Manager

All these tasks are solved by Leo Backup manager, available in the Standard and Professional versions. This utility is specially developed for data backup in Windows systems. It is able to backup separate data categories or perform full system backup copying with further encryption and compression. If needed, you can separately backup different data in order to protect it from loss or transfer to another system. This can be:

  • Email settings and history
  • Documents and media files
  • Databases
  • Windows applications
  • System settings

You can perform each backup manually or set regular backup updating schedule, so the program enabled on a PC will perform this automatically, according to the predefined schedule. Moreover, Leo Backup manager can work in a service mode to continue the backup process, even when the user who enabled it is logged off.

Leo Backup works without any discomfort to user. You can continue working with required files and programs, while your back up manager does the job. Leo Backup supports shadow copies. That is why you can be sure in correct data backup for locked or running files and programs.

Leo Backup solution offers free trial, so you are able to test it in your environment to appraise all its benefits. The functionality of this backup manager is the fullest and has no alternatives.

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