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Your backup utility

Human errors, technical failures and natural events -- all these things are real threats to your data. You shouldn't ignore it, since actually there are much more opportunities to lose your critical data. Don't take chances here and apply the backup utility before it's too late.

Backup is your insurance

The information is too difficult to make up. You can always buy new computer or change the device, but information might be only safe. By your backup utility. If you don't have a backup plan - you can call it "good bye info".

The first rule of the right business system is the protected information. Just upon this step you can plan the next stages.

To avoid debts, downtime and recovering expenses you should manage your backup system. It's indispensable to think over it in advance: data backup is a guarantee that your information will survive, even if your hardware devices don't.

What your backup software should do? There are few main rules:

1. Automatic backup - always set the proper scheduling

2. Several storages for your data - backup your files on your portable devices, on other computer over your network and on a remote host (find 321 rule here)

3. Security measures: encryption, secure transferring and password

4. Periodical checking the recovery of your backed-up data.

With Leo Backup you can see that file backup is so simple to do, it can save a lot of time and make you sure that your data is protected if any disaster took place.

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