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Efficient Site Backup

Modern hosting providers offer various facilities for backup sites, and majority of website owners consider them sufficient for safe website operation. However, practical experience shows that very often even those backup copies can be lost or crashed by various unexpected threads. As a result, all website content can simply disappear from your domain. Of course, the core of the site can be restored from the local site backup copies that usually exist in any website developer's system. But current database data, such as order requests, user comments, media content and other non-renewable resources will be lost forever.

Web sites backup

Very often low-quality hosting providers are simply unable to provide enough resources for timely website databases update. Moreover, they are unprepared for various unexpected circumstances, like long-time blackout, and all this can seriously damage your website information storage. Even expensive hosting services sometimes fail to provide proper hosting operation, as a lot of threads are simply unpredictable. That is why it is better to backup sites using special software solutions and store the backup copies at safe storages out of your hosting server. There are a few variants of arranging the backup storage for websites you can choose from.

Backup Site

Bu setting a program to an automatic backup site mode, you will spend very little time on maintenance. The backup manager will do backup updates directly according to the schedule you have set, storing the copies right where you want. This can be a local server, hard drive, portable data carrier or a virtual data storage. Each storage type has its own benefits, typically it is typically recommended to use a couple of them. For instance, you can perform regular full site backup, storing it on your local server, adding incremental backups to it on a daily basis. It is useful to copy backups on portable drives for an extreme case, if your local system breaks.

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