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Registry backup

Registry backup

Registry is a hierarchical database storing configuration settings on Windows operating systems. This is a central database with a large assortment of information providing the correct functionality of your computer.

Basically editing or changing of the Registry is not that typical activity for the majority of users and very few users need to access these files directly. But it is important to be prepared and keep in mind the significance of registry data, and if there is any connection with them, it's strictly recommended to back it up.

Any tiny damage to the Registry can stop your computer from functioning. It provokes a pile of problems if you would delete things from the Windows or Program folders. But you can also just misplace some comma of slash there, and the results will be rather oppressive as well. Any mistake might happen, so if you're involved in periodically scripting of Registry files, never ignore the fact of indispensable Registry backup.

You can undo the wrong action of any script by restoring the backup. With Leo Backup this process would be a piece of cake.

You can add the Registry files in the backup set as well as any other ones: just select "Registry key" command using the "Add" button. Then you have to indicate the proper data in the next window of Leo Backup Wizard.

With this simple procedure you might sure in the Registry's undamaged state. So when you type some wrong character of erase an important line in the Registry editor, the following results won't be so deplorable if you've backed up Registry key previously.

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