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Secure backup

Every company depends on its computer systems and on data stored there. Obviously it brings a corresponding dependence on the security of that data. Everybody knows how vulnerable can be our computer and network to some nasty events like viruses, hacker snatching, theft and other outside damages. We're not talking here about those risks as system failure, fire and flood, power loss and straight forward human error - let's review how to protect our data from unauthorized intrusion

Let's start on the storing itself: your data should be stored in the location guarded from all its sides. It includes the password and the encryption.

Encryption allows you to protect your backup item so that no one but you would be able to access your data. There are several encryption methods used in different backup products, but we definitely count on Blowfish one thanks to its proved extreme security level and simplicity (read more)

Password. Well, first of all apply a password to your backup software itself: don't let anybody manage it. Also you should apply the password to your backup set - it is especially necessary when backing up files through the network.

Now we'll talk about our second point: secure data transferring, i.e. to the main advantage of necessary-today security equipment - secure protocols.

SFTP, or secure FTP, is a program that uses SSH to transfer files. For SSH's part, this is a network protocol allowing to exchange data using a secure channel between two networked devices

Unlike standard FTP, SFTP encrypts not only data, but also commands, extremely preventing your passwords and sensitive information from being intercepted over the network.

SFTP protocol is necessary for online connection since the main risk is that your data might be caught during the transferring. Encryption and password lets you be sure that your files remain inaccessible, but you must protect your data en route.

Also note: SFTP functionally is similar to FTP, but since it uses a different protocol, you cannot use a standard FTP client for connection to an SFTP server. And vice versa: it's impossible to connect to an FTP server with a client that supports only SFTP. Therefore it might provoke some conflicts - but it's not related to you using Leo Backup

Leo Backup supports all protocols that provide the network communications: you can simply choose the proper one: whether SFTP or FTP.

Leo Backup gives you an opportunity to carry and to keep your files flawlessly covered by its secure mechanisms. Use it.

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